The Company

Secretory IgA, Inc. is an early stage drug discovery and development company. The mission of this company is to develop orally available antibody agents for the treatment of intestinal diseases.

Secretory IgA, Inc.’s initial product is secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA). This biological therapeutic will treat Clostridioide difficile-associated disease, an intestinal disease which occurs when the intestinal bacteria are disturbed by antibiotic treatment and is caused by Clostridioide difficile bacterial toxins. Clostridioides difficile associated disease can cause diarrhea, severe cramps and high fever. This condition may result in severe outcomes, such as surgical removal of the colon and death, especially in elderly patients and patients with compromised immune systems. Successful proof of principle experiments have been performed ( Other intestinal conditions which are expected to respond to treatment with secretory IgA include other bacteria infections, food allergy and intolerance, and dysbiosis, a disturbance of the normal intestinal bacteria.

Secretory IgA, Inc. is also developing an immediately acting preventive IgA treatment for COVID19 which would be sprayed in the nose and throat and also inhaled. It is secretory IgA made from blood IgA from donors who are already immune to COVID19 either because of recovery from active infection or from immunization. Successful proof of principle experiments have been performed.

The secretory IgA will be administered by mouth to treat intestinal diseases. It will pass to the colon, which is the site of Clostridioides difficile toxin production and tissue damage. In the colon, the secretory IgA will neutralize the bacterial toxins and thereby disrupt pathways leading to the patient’s disease.

Secretory IgA is expected to be safe and is similar in mode of action to other antibody treatments that are administered by injection or infusion. Secretory IgA, Inc. will design, develop and test these orally administered IgA antibodies.

Secretory IgA, Inc. is located in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

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